Harlequin Baby

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From Legere’s Commedia dell’Arte (Masked Types) series… this interdisciplinary painting comments on the ubiquity of clowns in “bad taste” paintings while it celebrates the psychopomp Harlequin.

Harlequin is one of Legere’s many personas. Harlequin, an emissary of the devil, is said to have roamed the countryside with a group of demons chasing the damned souls of evil people to Hell.

Through her career Legere has been like a glittering cult gadfly-diva who uses her interdisciplinarity and vibrant, virtuoso technique to critique art and music institutions.

Harlequin Baby is embedded with a digital chip that contains an excerpt  of Legere’s poem “The Waterclown”  In this musical work Legere and her collaborator Morgan Powell examined the ways in which the morphology of all living things are derived from the movements of fluids.

Listen to The Waterclown  http://www.phoebelegere.com/waterclown.html  

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Eagleway Piano, My Shamanic Drum

Eagleway Piano

Looking at my Rabbi, Looking at Larry

Hiding from the Cosmic Search Engine

Transmedia Artist

This poster is Legere’s painting “Dreaming the Future” 7’x5′ oil.

Who: Phoebe Legere

What: Seeing the Unseen: A Performance SoundArt Event

Where: Antonio Salemme Foundation

 542 West Hamilton St. Allentown, Pa

When: April 28  8PM

Reservations:  (610) 433-4150

Seeing the Unseen is an interdisciplinary Gesamtkunstwerk that sings of new blood, ancient culture, and communal creation in action.

Phoebe Legere is a Multi-Format artist: she is a composer, a painter, a performance artist, a multi-instrumentalist, a writer and a singer. April 28th Phoebe Legere brings painting, music and memoir to the Antonio Salemme  Foundation to show how community, milieu and environment shape her heart and art.

Billboard Magazine called Phoebe Legere “The female Frank Zappa.”

 RockNYC described Phoebe Legere as “a master writer of startlingly beautiful, heroic songs.’

Ms. Legere is a founding member of the Electric Green Evolution (EGEE) Street Art collective based at the New York Underground Museum. Legere will create 4 of her groundbreaking soundart collaborative paintings during the show.

Currently at the Antoinio Anselmo Foundation: an art exhibit of recent work by EGEE street art collective painters Phoebe Legere and Dr. Barnaby Ruhe. An artist talk and Q and A with EGEE and a reception follows the performance.


BIO Phoebe Legere is a composer, painter, and poet. She is a racial hybrid from a distinguished line of New England activists: she is descended from Queen Weetamoo, (Pocassett Wampanoag Chief) and Harriet Lawrence Hemenway, ( founder of the National Audubon Society.) Phoebe Legere was born on the 4th of July. Legere was signed to Epic/Sony Records as a teenager.  She graduated from Vassar College and had her Carnegie Hall debut.  Her original music and performance art was featured in the movie  Mondo New York (Island Pictures) Her song Marilyn was a hit on college radio.  Legere opened for David Bowie on his national tour, she starred in Toxic Avenger 2 and 3; and wrote, scored and starred in the hit series Marquis De Slime on French television. In 2000 she sang her epic poem The Waterclown, with the Cleveland Chamber Symphony; The Waterclown was nominated for the Pulitzer Prize in music. She worked with the composing collective the Tone Road Ramblers for ten years.

 In 2003, Legere invented a musical instrument called The Sneakers of Samothrace, a wearable computer for disabled children. Her musical Hello Mrs. President, about the first African-American woman president was produced at the Theater for the New City in 2004.  In 2006 Legere won a NYSCA award for her opera, Queen of New England, about  Queen Weetamoo and the  Massachusetts Native American holocaust. From 2004 – 2008 she was Artist in Residence at School of Visual Arts and Scholar in Residence at University of Victoria where she wrote 4 poems for orchestra (available on Einstein Records.) In 2009 Legere collaborated with Eno and Leo Abrahams. They scored her physics poem “Ultra-Romantic Parallel Universe” (Mercury Records.)

Currently Legere is a regular on the popular children’s TV show The Naked Brothers Band (Nickelodeon.) and she is the Host and Head Writer of Roulette TV, a show about the extreme frontier edge of art and music. In April 2011 Phoebe Legere wowed audiences at Avery Fisher Hall when she was the featured soprano in Will Todd’s “Mass in Blue” scored for 80 pieces. Phoebe Legere’s Algonquin Quintet garnered rave reviews this year in a 6 month sold out run on Broadway at the Iridium Jazz Club and in June she appeared at Resorts International in Atlantic City. Phoebe Legere recently returned from Europe where she starred in TV shows and played festivals for thousands. In August Legere starred in Lance Tait’s newest film,  Diapason. She has released 11 CD’s of original music and has appeared on hundreds of radio and television shows around the world including NPR, CBS Sunday Morning, A and E, PBS City Arts, WNYC’s Soundcheck and Charlie Rose. She has recently completed her first symphony, “The Mother”  Symphony No.1 in F# minor for Sneakers and Orchestra.

Legere is about to leave on a tour of Mexico with Joey Arias and Machine Dazzle. When she returns May 24 she begins shooting  her second all improvised film with German Queer visionary film maker Rosa Von Praunheim.

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Matt Dillon, from the Celebrity Blowjob series (with embedded soundfile)

Oil and pigmentImage

This painting is currently on loan to the Christine Varga Gallery.

There is a fragment from my Diary written on the painting. I wrote it the night after my first

date with Matt Dillon. We met in the VIP Room at Limelight.

This painting has a soundfile embedded in it.

When pushed, a small gold button on the right of the frame plays this song:

 I Want to Take your Temperature

“Phoebe Legere’s Mult…

“Phoebe Legere’s Multi-Format art flaunts color, sound and sensuality, provocation, language and lyricism. Her Gesamtkunstwerks issue from a powerful and intimate internal voice, reaching out to connect to the Divine in all its multiplicitous forms. She plays many instruments and many media including some she invented herself.” – Heidi Johnson